Fine Art Printing using Hexacrome

Have you ever been frustrated from the fact that RGB images often loose their colour vibrancy once converted to CMYK values. For those jobs which require the ultimate in colour reproduction Hexacrome may be the solution.

This is a process supported by PANTONE using a 6 colour process and is designed for jobs which have vivid green and oranges that cannot be reproduced in the normal 4 colour process. The difference is clearly illustrated with the two pebbles examples below.


Pebbles printed in CMYK

printed hexachrome

printed using Hexacrome


Technical Process

Hexachrome Printing

hexachrome1 For most printing conventional colour made up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black is quite acceptable. Where extra vibrancy and impact is needed Hexachrome maybe the answer. In the Hexachrome process the normal cyan, magenta, yellow and black colours of conventional printing are supplemented with orange and green. This means a much greater range of Pantones can be reproduced accurately, and pictures look much more vibrant and life-like.

There are currently no economical ways of proofing Hexachrome. We would always recommend a small print run to 'prove' the artwork before a large Hexachrome job is printed


Please make sure that your art/design package supports Hexachrome and exports to a printable file

This image represents conventional CMYK printing
This image represents Hexachrome printing